Full Hearts Can’t Lose: Cheerleaders at Wayne Valley and Wayne Hills open their hearts to children battling cancer, at Christmastime

Success has been the norm for the Wayne Valley cheerleading squad over the past few years. There have been multiple championships, on the national level at competitions, including the past three years.

The team was invited to cheer at MetLife Stadium in 2018, prior to a New York Jets game. And the association between the Valley and Wayne Hills cheerleading squads included the teams coming together for a dinner leading up to the annual football game between the rivals last September.

And on Dec. 21, the competition cheerleaders from Valley and Hills put together a tremendous event, as the girls donated a myriad of toys to the Hackensack University Medical Center

“It really went well,” said Wayne Valley cheerleading coach Daniella Coffaro. “For the past two seasons, we’ve joined with the Wayne Hills cheerleaders for a toy drive for the children at Hackensack University Medical Center. A few years back, my assistant coach, Jen Pulizzano went out to look for a good charity that our team could donate to. As coaches, we want our kids to give back, and we thought this would be a nice opportunity. The work that Hackensack does for Tackle Kids Cancer is amazing. We started working with them three years ago.”

The Children’s Cancer Institute at Hackensack University Medical Center started an initiative to raise funds and awareness for pediatric cancer patients called Tackle Kids Cancer. Dedicated clinicians and researchers are making strides by advancing research and providing children access to the highest level of care, according to the Center.

The Wayne Valley and Wayne Hills cheerleaders with all the toys ready for delivery to the hospital on Dec. 18. (Click on photo for larger image)

The upperclassmen of both squads delivered the gifts to the hospital on Dec. 21, for children who are undergoing treatment.

“I know it meant a lot to the girls to do this,” said Coffaro. “Some of the kids won’t be able to go home for Christmas as they get treatment, so hopefully, it will put some smiles on their faces when they get the gifts.”

The cheerleaders worked with parents, family and friends to collect toys. On Dec. 18, the girls were seen at Valley, packing numerous vehicles for the eventual delivery of toys.

Wayne Hills and Wayne Valley senior cheerleaders delivered toys to Hackensack University Medical Center on Dec. 21. (Click on photo for larger image)

“And I’m here to say those cars were really packed with toys,” said Coffaro, with a smile. “People were very generous.”

Coffaro was proud of the team’s work and to help with giving to Hackensack.

“There are a lot of good charities,” said Coffaro. “We were very impressed with Hackensack University’s mission and the tremendous work they do for children. It’s easy to take good health for granted and that’s why it was obvious both squads were really invested in wanting to make this such a success.”

When Wayne Valley won a national cheerleading competition title in 2017, Coffaro noted that ‘full hearts can’t lose’, when it came to her team competing with class and intensity.

That same saying can easily be applied to the work of both the Wayne Valley and Wayne Hills cheerleaders, in giving back to those who can certainly use some joy during the holiday season.


By mike051893

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