John Senesky’s influence continues nearly 50 years after he started coaching; Congrats to Knights of Columbus, and Manager Bob Abramson, on winning a Belleville LL crown

Former Belleville High football coach John Senesky recently celebrated a birthday. John and his wife, Carmela, are living in Florida and enjoying retirement.

If you’ve read my articles for the better part of 40 years, then you know how much John has always meant to me, and more importantly, what he’s represented over the years to so many young people in Belleville, that are now middle aged.

John Senesky

Brian Kelly, a classmate of mine at Belleville High, said this of Senesky. “I love the man. He made a difference in my life, no doubt.”

Another classmate of mine, Jim Beck, recalled “John enlightened us about the forming of corporations during our ninth grade wood shop class. He helped our team in forming our corporation name and taught us about the integrity of the corporation itself. It was pure genius.”

Jerry Ross, who played for Senesky in the early 1980’s, recalled a story during a practice one day, when an assistant coach wanted to go in one direction for a drill, but Senesky felt it important to do the drill a different way.

“As kids, we kind of liked the assistant coach’s style,” said Ross. “But as a man, you knew exactly where Coach Senesky stood. And 35 years later, I’m still learning from him.”

Paul Scheuplein, who was a teammate of Ross, remembers a time when Senesky asked if Paul was okay.

“He could tell something was bothering me,” Paul recalled. “And without asking what it was, he told me to go home and tell my mom I loved her. And it was exactly what I needed.”

Men from ages 40-66 who played high school football for John, or had him as a teacher, like I did, continue to revere his integrity compassion and intellect.

And we thank John Senesky for not only teaching us how to develop film, or do a silkscreen print, but more importantly the meaning of Faith, the importance of competition and how to handle oneself with class.

Congratulations to the Knights of Columbus, the 2018 Belleville Little League champions.

Front row, left to right: Ryan Olmo, Daniel Martins, Tesai Asby, David Estevez, Sean Walsh and Antonio Bonassisa. Back row, left to right: Coach Ed Pilconis, Manager Bob Abramson, Coach Steve Walsh, Devin  Samayoa, Alan Martinez, Joshua Abramson, Ezekiel Piña, Nathaniel Perez and Coach Mike Melendez. (Click on photo for larger image) 

The team, managed by Bob Abramson and coached by Mike Melendez, Steve Walsh and Ed Pilconis, swept the championship series with two exciting wins by scores of 11-9 and 3-2. Josh Abramson and Nathaniel Perez had big games for the Knights of Columbus.

Coach Bob Abramson has done a tremendous job coaching in the town, according to Derek Lombardi.

“Bob has been the manager for Knights of Columbus for over 10 years as well as serving on the board. He has devoted countless hours to Belleville Little League and is truly one of the good guys.

“Although, he is ‘retiring’ from little league, he is helping me with the 18U  travel summer and fall team.”

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2 comments on “John Senesky’s influence continues nearly 50 years after he started coaching; Congrats to Knights of Columbus, and Manager Bob Abramson, on winning a Belleville LL crown

  1. Thank you Mike for this gracious article. I am truly honored, and humbled, to be remembered as having been such a positive and lasting influence over those lives even beyond those many memorable years at Belleville Junior and Senior HS. Thank you again for your kind words and encouragement.

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