Looking back at 50 years of umpires working home plate for Game #1 of the World Series, and this year, it’s Phil Cuzzi

Belleville’s own Phil Cuzzi will join a list of impressive names who have umpired Game No. 1 of the World Series. Here’s a list of those men who have earned that honor over the past 50 years.

Good luck, Phil, from your Essex County pals.

Here’s an article on Phil and the Belleville friendships that never end.


1968-Tom Gorman

1969- Hank Soar

1970- Ken Burkhart

1971- Nestor Chylak

1972- Chris Pelekoudas

1973- Marty Springstead

1974- Tom Gorman

1975- Art Frantz

1976- Lee Weyer

1977- Nestor Chylak

1978- Ed Vargo

1979- Jerry Neudecker

1980- Harry Wendelstedt

1981- Larry Barnett

1982- Lee Weyer

1983- Marty Spingstead

1984- Doug Harvey

1985- Don Denkinger

1986- John Kibler

1987- Dave Phillips

1988- Doug Harvey

1989- Rich Garcia

1990- Frank Pulli

1991- Don Denkinger

1992- Jerry Crawford

1993- Dave Phillips

1995- Harry Wendelstedt

1996- Jim Evans

1997- Ed Montague

1998- Rich Garcia

1999- Randy Marsh

2000- Ed Montague

2001- Steve Ripley

2002- Jerry Crawford

2003- Randy Marsh

2004- Ed Montague

2005- Joe West

2006- Randy Marsh

2007- Ed Montague

2008- Tim Welke

2009- Gerry Davis

2010- John Hirschbeck

2011- Jerry Layne

2012- Gerry Davis

2013- John Hirschbeck

2014- Jerry Meals

2015- Bill Welke

2016- Larry Vanover

2017- Phil Cuzzi

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One comment on “Looking back at 50 years of umpires working home plate for Game #1 of the World Series, and this year, it’s Phil Cuzzi

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