A class conversation between a West Morris football parent and Wayne Hills’ kicker, Dario Sirni

Bad news has a way of traveling quickly, and when someone messes up, it’s all over the proverbial front page.

But when a football player from Wayne Hills, and a parent from West Morris Central, Hills’ opponent from last Saturday, have a simple, but classy conversation, that should get more than a few glimpses.

With that said, social media can be fun, when done right.

West Morris Central and Wayne Hills played a high-quality football game on Nov. 26, in a state sectional semifinal. Hills won, 31-14, but the game was much closer than the score would indicate.

darioDario Sirni shows the form which accounted for a huge field goal in a state sectional semifinal on Nov. 26.

A key to the win came late in the game, when Wayne Hills’ Dario Sirni kicked a 41-yard field goal to give Hills a 17-point lead and, in essence, ice the game.

Anyway, one of the parents of the West Morris players, Steve Draghi, whose son, Cole, is as good a running back as Hills had seen all season, read a post I had written about Dario’s clutch field goal, on social media, after the game.

Steve reached out to Dario, on medium, to say what a good kicker he is, and wished Dario luck at MetLife Stadium this Sunday in the sectional championship game.

“Great game Dario! You’re a great kicker. Congratulations and good luck at MetLife,” said Steve.

And Dario wrote Steve back to say “Thanks a lot! Cole played a very, very good game!”

A simple conversation between a young man and a grateful parent.

Says a lot about human nature.

By mike051893

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