A huge thank you to the Wayne Hills football moms; Another great season, with thanks to Lynn Pellegrino, Maria Grave, Stephanie Petracco, Albina Sportelli, Terriann LoVerde, Ann Fiumarelli, Jill Gawrych, Cindy Skiba, Sandy Kenny and many others…

There are many steps to building a successful high school football program. There, of course, is a need for committed coaches and players. That goes without saying.

Building a program at the lower levels is vital, too.

In addition, a program needs a good training staff, as well as volunteers who enjoy teaching kids the game.

It’s not an easy proposition. And then there’s the extra perks that not all programs can provide.

At Wayne Hills, a championship style program has been in effect for nearly two decades. And the commitment not only comes from the administration, coaches and players. There’s also a tremendous amount of work from a number of the players’ parents, mainly the moms.

Starting in early August, and lasting until school starts in September, the football players enjoy breakfast, or lunch, before, or after practices, in the school cafeteria. During the season, there’s a beautiful dinner served before games, or if it’s a Saturday contest, breakfast is offered to the players.

IMG_9494THANK YOU SO MUCH, TO (left to right), Lynn Pellegrino, Stephanie Petracco, Albina Sportelli, Terriann LoVerde, Ann Fiumarelli, Jill Gawrych, Cindy Skiba and Sandy Kenny, for doing so much to keep the football program at Wayne Hills thriving once again.

And I’m not talking about a small portion of food. The Wayne Hills football moms go out of their way to make sure everyone has seconds. And the mothers are there to serve the food, and they ask for nothing in return.

The players have long appreciated what their parents do to make a game day extra special. And the players reciprocate, but honoring their mothers at the Mother-Son brunch in October, and the Father-Son Beefsteak on Thanksgiving Eve.

Wayne Hills football coach Wayne Demikoff couldn’t say enough good things about the work the football moms (and dads) perform.

“They’re incredible,” said Demikoff. “There are no other words. Breakfast before practice, lunches in between double sessions. Pre-game meals, that are so delicious. There’s nothing like it. On behalf of our coaches and players, a huge THANKS to everyone who helped make this such a great season, once again.”


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