Wayne Hills Football: No Lights? No Problem, as practice continued unabated; Trip to MetLife a big lift for team

MONDAY, NOV. 30: With Eastern Standard Time making for an early sunset, the Wayne Hills football team wasn’t going to let the lights at Patriots Stadium not going on at dusk, be a problem, as the team prepared for its state championship game on Dec. 5 at MetLife Stadium, against Old Tappan.

The assistant coaches came up with an idea, taking their cellphones out and creating a little ceremonial light, as head coach Wayne Demikoff made a call to get the lights turned on.

lightsWith the field lights a little late in illuminating, the Hills coaches came up with an alternative to keep the field glowing.

All kidding aside, the lights went on shortly thereafter, and another good practice continued to give the coaches a lot of optimism, as the big game nears.

Following practice, the Patriots were treated to some pizza, before boarding busses to MetLife, where the team would get a look at the sprawling facility, as well as the locker room they’ll be using on Saturday afternoon.

Senior Leyshawn Askew was clearly in awe, as he stepped onto the field.

“Man, I’ve never been to a professional football stadium before,” he said to coach Jermain Johnson, as he looked around. “And now, I’ll get the chance to play here.”

askewLeyshawn Askew (left) and coach Jermain Johnson, on the field at MetLife Stadium.

The players enjoyed the tour, and getting a chance to see the stadium and get their bearings was important. Some of the coaches took a trip to the press area, to see where they’ll be sitting for the game.

PART_1448944437063_IMG_20151130_190732_130Hills players taking it all in at MetLife on Nov. 30.

IMG_20151130_190927_937-1Left to right, team captains Tom Skiba, Joe Kenny and Frank Petracco at midfield, soaking in MetLife Stadium.

After an hour, they were back on the bus, heading home to Wayne.

“I remember when we were traveling to North Carolina for the season opener,” said Demikoff. “And our bus was on Route 3, going to the New Jersey Turnpike. As we’re nearing the Turnpike entrance, there’s MetLife, and I said to our team, if we do the work, we’ll begin our season in North Carolina with a win, and we’ll end our season playing at MetLife.

“And now, here we are.”

Tick, tick, tick….

By mike051893

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