Here’s to a quick recovery for one of the real good guys, Anthony LaRezza, from some of your pals, including Affirmed, President Reagan and Nestor; See You at Rutts soon

There’s never a dull moment upon visiting Immaculate Heart Academy for a softball game. The leader of the team is the coach, Anthony LaRezza, who, upon inspecting the outfit I’m wearing that day, will quickly associate any team logo to a player from a different era. I once called him the second ‘Wizard of Westwood’, since IHA is technically located in Westwood, NJ.

As quick a wit as LaRezza displays, he’s also a really good guy.

CG1cJzvUkAAEeucLaRezza’s best coaching job may have come in 2015, when a young IHA team won the state title.

And as most friends and fans probably know by now, Anthony has been dealing with a few health issues. With respect to that, I’ll just say his tweets after a surgical procedure seem pretty upbeat.

Jzz8WgaA_400x400The coach, showing his IHA colors and watching a Bergen County tourney game from his beloved IHA field.


Anthony is not the type to want people to be concerned about him, but I’m sure he also knows that he’s got a lot of people that really like him. And while he’s recovering, he’s probably coming up with some new one-liners for the 2016 high school softball season.

pig bacon chicken eggLaRezza often enjoys invoking the chicken and the pig scenario when it comes to sports.

He may have done his best coaching job (and that’s saying something) in 2015, leading a group of underclassmen to a state championship. It was the same team that he, during an early scrimmage at Nutley in March, said would probably struggle for an identity that season. Instead, the kids continued to get better with each game, the result of some really good coaching, and in the end, the Eagles were state champions once again.

So, to Anthony, all the best for continued good health, from some of your friends, including Affirmed, Nestor and Jerry Reuss…See below for a full listing.

And we’ll see you on the softball field, soon, as well as Rutt’s Hut. All the best !!!



iha 2

ihaThe great Steph Thomas (above and two photos below) AKA Affirmed, provided some great moments for LaRezza’s teams.



Reuss Jerry PP74-381_FL_NLB McWilliamsJerry Reuss (top) and legendary umpire Nestor Chylak (below) were often ‘visitors’ at IHA games.


upsetLaRezza will tell you where the term ‘upset’ first came onto sports lore.

thPresident Reagan’s legacy shines brightly at IHA, including a game-winning run in the 2015 state championship game at Kean University.

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