Wayne Hills Football: Coach Dowling brings the doughnuts ! Wayne Valley game nears on Nov. 6, with Big North title on the line; Buy your Hills tee-shirts at freshman game on Nov. 4.

WEDNESDAY, NOV. 4. 2 DAYS ‘TILL WAYNE VALLEY: You know the Monday evening coaches meeting at Wayne Hills is on target with The Man, Chris Dowling, shows up with two boxes of Dunkin’ Donuts, a Box O’Joe and the now famous pumpkin sauce.

Such was the case on Nov. 2, when Hills’ legendary freshman football coach walked in with the fare that drew raves from the coaches, including John Jacob, Anthony Vitale, Matt Bogert, Joe Giampapa, Mike Kelly, Anthony Giampapa, (head coach) Wayne Demikoff and Jermain Johnson.

11161354_10205496300079767_9155489033228631582_nCoach Dowling hopes to be celebrating again around 9 p.m. on Nov. 4, as his freshman Patriots take an 8-0 record into its season finale against undefeated Wayne Valley.

Dowling has a big game to concern himself with, as well, The Patriots will take on the Wayne Valley Indians on Nov. 4 in a HUGE freshman game. Both teams are unbeaten, and it’s the final game of the season, as well. Kickoff time is 7 p.m. at Wayne Hills, and a big crowd is expected. Wayne Hills will also be selling tee-shirts to hype Friday’s varsity game, at Wayne Valley, between the Indians and Patriots.

Like I often enjoy saying before a big game, ‘Get Your Popcorn Ready.’ And it should be an ideal weather night, as well, so come on out.

When he’s not breaking down blocking schemes and technique on the offensive line, coach Vitale loves talking about food. His latest dish, baked chicken with a soy combination.

“Incredible,” said Vitale, who is also a self-proclaimed Master of the Crock Pot.

Practices have been going well for the Patriots and Demikoff continues to keep the intensity at a high pace.

“Conference championship on the line,” said Demikoff. “You’ll remember this game for the rest of your life.”

The Czar, special teams coach Walt Johnson, loves to give senior Joe Kenny the business during practice, but Kenny goes with the flow pretty well, generally smiling and, when he makes a good play in practice, he’ll look over to the Czar, who begrudgingly nods in the affirmative.

Demikoff often gives senior lineman Frank Petracco a hard time in practice, but that’s all part of the daily routine. Petracco is an up-and-coming politician. Great kid, whose wheels are always turning.

Matt Sportelli, a senior lineman, injured his knee in the Paramus game, but he’s coming around well and should be fine for Friday night.

Bottom line among all the coaches is clear. Friday’s game is as big as they get in the regular season. The playoffs are around the corner, but Wayne Valley is 8-0 and that’s the only focus now. Roxbury (the Patriots’ first round playoff opponent next week) can wait ’till Saturday morning.



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