A District 14 Tradition: Mac & Cheese from Michele Florio-Campisi

The District 14 wrestling championships were held last Saturday at Livingston High School. Besides the usual good wrestling and fun in catching up with some old friends like Bob Keenan and the various coaches, there was the pan of macaroni and cheese prepared by my good friend, Michele Florio-Campisi.


For years, Michele’s mac and cheese was a regular on the menu at District 14. However, with some changes in the way food is prepared, the M & C lost a spot in the starting lineup. But for the past few years, Michele has made it a point of preparing a tray for me to bring home.

There are traditions you never want to see end, when it comes to covering various sporting events.  Over the past year, Michele and I have enjoyed a nice friendship on social media. We’ve kept up with each other’s comings and goings, the happiness and occasional heartbreak.

And through it all, she’s made the third weekend in February something special at Livingston High.

I’ve already eaten most of this, and am already looking forward to the next tray in 2016.


Thanks so much, Michele !

By mike051893

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