Hills Football: Part 3, Preparing for Paramus; Vigorito and Hogan know what’s on the line

This is the third in a series of blogs leading up to Wayne Hills High School’s big football game on Oct. 24, at home, against Paramus. A win could move the Patriots into the playoffs for a 20th straight year, while a setback most likely eliminates it from post-season consideration.

During the week, we’ll have a series of blogs, highlighting a lot of work, behind the scenes, of the proud program in Wayne, as the Patriots gear for a visit from the Spartans. 

Part 3, Vigs and Hoags getting ready. Oct. 22, 6 p.m.

Anthony Vigorito, a senior at Hills, is one of the nicest young men you’ll ever meet. Respectful, succinct, retrospective and diligent, ‘Vigs’ is one of the more popular kids on the team.

Vigorito put this week into perspective.


“Let’s face it, if we’re making the playoffs, we have to win this week,” he said after an indoor practice. “I like the way this team has been preparing the past few weeks. Everyone is bringing an intensity to practice, and the games. We got off a little slow (an 0-2 start), but you can see this team is starting to hit its peak.”


(Photos courtesy of Allyson Garrone)

Vigorito has been Hills’ very reliable holder on kicks the past few seasons. It’s a vital part of special teams, and often goes unnoticed. But his value to the team, which also includes punt returns and as a receiver, is important.

He’s represented Wayne Hills with class and integrity. And if this team has an identity, it’s clear ‘Vigs’ is the reason why.

Justin Hogan enters a room with a look of fierceness. That same scowl can is evident on the gridiron, where the 6’3″, 240 pound linebacker and fullback, is as intimidating as they come.


But typical of a hard-nosed, classic looking football player is the ability to smile and make one feel at ease, off the field. And that’s what ‘Hoags’ has been doing at Hills.

hogan 2

Like his friend, Vigorito, Hogan doesn’t need to be reminded what this week’s preparation for Friday’s game means.

“(Paramus) is a good team, we’re a good team,” said Hogan. “It’s a matter of going after them, and they’re probably thinking the same thing. Our preparation has been good. We’re working hard. We want it, and we know we’ll have to work hard to get it.”

In the next diary, a look at the last full day of practice, leading up to Friday’s game.

By mike051893

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