Nutley visits Shangri-La this afternoon, as SEC American Division crown will be decided; Chiefs visit Mounties; State tourney and possible bad weather could play havoc on schedule

The Super American Conference’s American Division championship should be decided this afternoon.

Nutley visits Livingston while Mount St. Dominic plays host to West Orange in key league games. If Livingston and the Mount win, they’ll both finish 13-1 in the conference, which means the championship label attached to both schools. (There is not a ‘co-champ’, it’s champion for both schools in the case of a tie).

For Livingston, a win (and it won’t come easy against Nutley) would mean a third straight conference title, which is quite an accomplishment. The Lancers, again assuming a win today, would be 40-2 in American Division play since 2012. For Mount St. Dominic, the Lions, again assuming a win over West Orange, would claim its first SEC title since 2011.

As for the Shangri-La tag for the Stable in Livingston, that goes back to a memorable night in the winter of 2012. I was driving over to the Landmark Restaurant in Livingston, with a friend, when Michelle DiPiano, who was also going to the Landmark with her dad, Big Mike, pulled up next to me at a red light and said “Mike, we’re in Livingston now.”

Guess you had to be there.

Big Mike looked at both of us and said, with that gruff voice (And G-Rated) ‘what are you two talking about?’

When I saw Michelle, who is now an assistant softball coach at Nutley yesterday for the Belleville-Nutley softball game, I asked her if she would be heading to Shangri-La today. But she said she has to coach her freshman team in a home game against Belleville.

Oh well.

Maybe I’ll send her a youtube link to the Lettermen’s classic song, ‘Shangri-La’ so she doesn’t feel left out.

Another interesting game this afternoon in the SEC American will be played at Montclair, as Caldwell takes on the Mounties. Caldwell will play in the Essex County Tournament semifinals, scheduled for Friday against Mount St. Dominic, while Montclair is preparing for the NJSIAA Tournament. Both teams have played very well over the past few weeks.

The first round of the NJSIAA Tournament is supposed to be played by this weekend, but with a lot of rain predicted for Friday and the ECT still having to play out the semifinals and finals this weekend, it will be interesting to see how the schedule will pan out.




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