Wayne Hills football team to honor the late Dana Smith

While the Wayne Hills football team prepares for a huge game on Oct. 18 against Pascack Valley at home, the team, as well as the entire Wayne Hills community, has a heavy heart after the passing of Dana Smith.

Mrs. Smith, the wife of Wayne Hills’ site coordinator, Brad Smith, lost a difficult battle with breast cancer at the age of 41. She was a wife and mother of two small children, Anthony and Taylor.

According to Wayne Hills assistant football coach Jon Goldstein, Brad and Dana were high school sweethearts while attending Wayne Hills (both were graduated in 1990).

“Everyone at Wayne Hills is devastated over this tragedy,” Goldstein said. “But, we foster a very family oriented atmosphere here at Wayne Hills, and Brad is part of our family.  We will be here for him and his family, and help them get through this difficult time.  Speaking on behalf of the football team, we will be wearing stickers on our helmets with the initials D.S. in pink for the rest of the season, as are many of the other teams.  Having gone to school with both Brad and Dana, this certainly hits close to home on a personal level and words can’t describe how truly sorrowful I feel for him and his kids, as well as Dana’s immediate family.”

get-attachment.aspxWayne Hills football players will wear a ‘DS’ decal (far right, as seen on Brian Burges’ helmet) in honor of the late Dana Smith.

“Needless to say, it’s such a sad time for Brad and his family,” said Wayne Hills football coach Wayne Demikoff. “I feel so bad, especially for those two young children. I know Brad will provide the strength for his family, but it’s tough for him, too. Anything that we can do as a family to help, we’ll do.”

October is ‘National Breast Cancer Awareness Month’, so all the athletes at Hills have been wearing pink to honor those who have fought the good fight against breast cancer.

Now, with the passing of Mrs. Smith, that battle has attained a new level of awareness at Wayne Hills.


By mike051893

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