Iron Patriot Awards symbolize a Wayne Hills tradition and another step in a new era

Wayne Hills head football coach Wayne Demikoff handed out the annual Iron Patriot Awards on June 18, symbolic of those players who put in an effort above and beyond what was expected since the end of the 2012 regular season last Nov. 30.

Those chosen for the award are named for their work in the weight room, as well as overall leadership qualities which exemplify the tradition of winning that has become Wayne Hills football for over a quarter century.

Demikoff may be new as the program’s head coach, but he’s more than familiar with the Patriots tradition, having served as an assistant coach for the past 14 seasons under Chris Olsen.

The Iron Patriot winners for 2013 included (incoming) sophomore Vincent Loverde, juniors Frankie Falzarano and Dylan Doecks and senior Mike Scheiner.

The overall Iron Patriot for the 2013 season is Martin Kilroy, who will be a senior this fall.

“It’s a good award, but don’t let it take away from the other kids,” Demikoff said. “We’ve had a lot of kids put the time and effort in and it’s showed so far in practice and in the first 7-on-7 (last Saturday). And we told the kids that when we handed out the awards. Don’t get down if you didn’t get the award. And I think our kids were happy with the winners and now it’s time to get back to work.”

Demikoff and his coaching staff seem to have gotten off to a good start with a large core of players. Non-contact practices began on June 11 and the players have been putting in a lot of time learning some new schemes and getting used to their new coordinators.

The rest of this week will be dedicated to the players preparing for their final exams, thus no practice until June 24.

“It’s important you spend the necessary time studying and getting some rest,” Demikoff addressed the team after Tuesday’s practice. “Strong academics are a big part of what we expect on this team and it’s been that way for years. We want our kids to represent themselves well in school and that means excelling in the classroom and following the rules of the school.”

The Patriots have some busy times ahead. There’s pretty much a full week of practice on the week of June 24, wrapped around an off day for graduation. The team then heads to East Stroudsburg University on June 30 for four days of football camp.

“We’ll get a lot of time to work with the kids at East Stroudsburg,” Demikoff said. “There’s a lot of 7-on-7’s and time for us to work with them as a team. We’ve been going there for a while now and it’s a big part in our team’s development.”

By mike051893

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