Carcich: What’s with the popcorn?

Passaic Valley boys’ basketball coach Rob Carcich hasn’t attained the level of success he has without asking a lot of questions.

So when Carcich started reading continued references to popcorn this spring on From Margate to Cleveland, he stepped to the forefront.

“What’s with this popcorn thing?” the feisty Carcich demanded to know. “That’s all I see. ‘Get your popcorn ready.’ What’s this about?”

After it was explained that it’s a Livingston softball tradition that I began a few years back, Carcich was satisfied.


But after getting his latest edition of FMTC, with the Essex County softball update today, and no reference to popcorn, the questions started again.

“(No) Get out the popcorn again?” he asked. “What’s up with that?”

Well, it’s nice to see a Lancer tradition crossing over to Passaic County.

Must be a green thing.

Oh, I shouldn’t dare make a Secretariat reference to Coach Carcich, should I?

Then again, why not? He’ll tell you there may some studs on his 2013-2014 team next winter.


By mike051893

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