Carcich Meter constantly changing at Passaic Valley

Good job.

Are you kidding me?

What were you thinking?

Are you kidding me? (again)….

Way to go !

Get him out of there, now !

Okay, better.

A typical day for a player who wears the Green and White of Passaic Valley and plays boys basketball will generally run the gamut with coach Rob Carcich.

A Hornets player will hear just about all of the above, and maybe more, from their high-energy coach. The range of emotions could run from day-to-day, hour-to-hour, or in some cases, minute-to-minute.

Not everyone can play for this man, and Carcich readily admits it.

“I’m not for everyone,” he says with that sinister laugh. “I expect a certain intensity. We’re pretty young this year, so I do get on them a little more because that mental toughness isn’t quite there yet.

“But it’s coming.”

The ‘Carcich Meter’ can go anywhere from low cool to white-hot. There is an occasional in-between, when the meter levels out. Strangely enough, the meter was actually stoic when his team was at its worse on Jan. 19 in a game against Bergen Catholic at the Coaches vs. Cancer Tournament in Paterson. The Hornets trailed, 40-27 in the third quarter.

satisfaction-meter-mdThe Carcich Meter can run in many directions.

Carcich called time out, took his handy-dandy erase board out and like a doting father, quietly displayed what he expected. He looked almost docile.

Two minutes later, the meter was up a few octaves, and that was after the Hornets had cut into the lead. He pulled a player out of the game for turning the ball over.

“What were you looking at,” he asked in bewilderment. Two minutes later, the player was back in.

That 40-27 B.C. lead in the third never had a chance. The Hornets would go on a 27-8 run to essentially end the game. P.V. won, 54-50 to improve to 9-5.

“We’ve really won two varsity games,” said Carich, who is nearing his 200th career victory. “I know we’ve won nine, but really our last two wins (against Lakeland and B.C.) were the first time we stepped up and got a little tougher down the stretch and played varsity-type basketball. I haven’t seen that until now. That’s a good thing.”

The meter has a comedic side, too.

“You know what it’s like in the summer when you’re outside at night and those bugs are constantly around?” Carcich said, in a well placed deadpan. “Our team is like that, too. We keep hanging around these games when it looks like we’re out of it. That toughness is starting to show itself a little.”

On Jan. 22, the Hornets will need that inner perspective when it travels to arch rival Wayne Valley. Carcich’s teams have never won there, but a victory on Tuesday would put P.V. in solid control of its first-ever conference championship in the Carcich era.

The meter will be fluctuating, for sure.

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