My Top 10 Favorite ‘Sopranos’ Episodes

My buddy Chris Orlando, author of the new blog ‘Back Points and Take Downs, an in-depth look at Union County Wrestling’, and I have always been big Sopranos fans. From the first episode in 1999 to the season finale eight years later, we’ve quoted just about every classic line, from Junior’s ‘what are we, in the Navy?’ to my favorite character, Richie Aprile and all the great shows in between.

(Oh, and Chris did ask why I won’t marry Loretta, since she and I have been seeing each other (on and off) since the George HW Bush Administration. After thinking it over, I can’t do it !)

We were talking about our top 10 favorite episodes of the landmark show, so I decided to give it a go this evening….We both agree that most of the shows that made our lists were from seasons 1 through 3.

Here we go, from 10 down to my favorite show.

A few Honorable Mentions….Commendatori, with the scenes in Italy and Don Vitorio, was great….Another Toothpick with Mustang Sally was hysterical, Irregular Around the Margins, when Christopher calls Vito a parade float and throws a sandwich at him was outstanding and Full Leather Jacket, with Carmela trying to get Meadow into Georgetown while Richie gives Tony the famous jacket, was great. (It’s the Jacket !!!)

And don’t forget ‘You’re Gonna Build Beansie a ramp !!! (I’ll build him a ramp, then shove a Lionel train up his ass)…

Okay, here we go, starting with number 10….

10- The Legend of Tennessee Moltisanti—-the scene where Tony reprimands Christopher for shooting the civilian in the foot at a bakery in Nutley, is epic. And you know what? I’m going with Full Leather Jacket in a tie for 10th place.

9- Boca—Uncle Junior is “in the muff” with his girlfriend while the boys plan their revenge on a certain soccer coach who has more than a casual interest in one of his players.

8- A hit is a hit—Meow.

7- College—“Are you in the mafia?”

6- Toodle-Fucking-Oo— “Veal Parmigana Sandwich? F**k You ! Next time you lay your hands on my niece, you won’t see my face.”

5- House Arrest—“Got any blow? What, I gotta go to the deli in Nutley? You don’t sell that shit on those routes. And don’t give me those Manson lamps”

4- The Happy Wanderer–The Executive Game with Frank Sinatra Jr. was a classic….’I’m losing my balls here and this guy’s playing Hazel?’ And Richie’s ‘how’d you get in here?’ is as good as it gets.

3- Made in America–Love it, or hate it, the final episode was memorable. Did Tony live, or die? And why can’t Meadow parallel park? Holsteins in Bloomfield will never be the same. Love the onion rings.

2- Employee of the Month –I’ve always said, the final 90 seconds, when Dr. Melfi nearly tells Tony she was raped, was riveting TV.

1- Pine Barrens—Too bad it wasn’t actually filmed in the Barrens, but this was a great show. Did the Russian get killed? Was he really an interior decorator? Were you eating steak? Gloria Trillo was amazing in this episode….

Let me know what you think and give me your top 10, if you’d like…

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