There’s a reason why PV’s gym is called The Library; More questions than answers on Galioto’s status as WO softball coach

I’ve been covering basketball since the mid 1970s and have seen more than my share of good teams and standout programs.

I’ve always commended Passaic Valley High School boys coach Rob Carcich for quietly building a solid program in Little Falls. The Hornets have been to the past two state sectional finals, where it lost to Teaneck, and have had six consecutive winning seasons.

And when you consider this program had lost 66 of its last 72 games before Carcich’s arrival, the success level at PV is even more impressive.

Having said all that, what I find totally incredulous is the lack of fan support at home games. That gym, folks, is maybe one of the largest libraries in Northern New Jersey. There is no atmosphere whatsoever. Silence is the norm. Few show up for the games, especially the day contests. There are no cheerleaders there and while the parental support is okay, it’s hard to imagine why this team, which plays top competition and does so at a high level of performance, doesn’t get any support.

I do get that the previous A.D. discouraged fans from cheering, or making noise in support of the team, almost to the point of throwing out spectators if they didn’t follow a certain code of conduct. And understand, there is an expected way for fans to conduct themselves, including not taunting opposing players, or officials.

But still, it really is a shame that the fan support for these kids is what it is. Let’s hope it gets better.

Onto West Orange High School, where its highly successful softball coach, Jamie Galioto, was informed on Christmas Eve, of all days, that his services would no longer be needed, despite a 19-9 record in 2012 and a 36-17 mark the past two seasons.

This is the same program that had no success before Galioto, a teacher at West Orange High, was named head coach in 2006. Galioto was told that a more qualified coach would take the reigns, but now we heard that coach has decided not to take the job, an announcement made at the last Board of Ed meeting.

Galoto’s current and former players were at the meeting to lend support. They’ll have to wait until the next meeting to see what’s-what. In the meantime, I’m anxious to see why the administration is trying to replace a man who seemingly has done nothing but good things in building a successful program.

Stay tuned….

By mike051893

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